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Foundtaping aux Ateliers Claus

As part of the found tapes exhibition in Käämer 12 in the rue Crickxstraat, from january 19th and january 25th, I assembled two new acquisitions, numbers #90 and #91. Both recently went online. Especially in many of the bits and pieces that make up fotex90 one hears an awful lot of wear and tear at work. All of these were found about one year ago, in january 2008, in the Parisian suburbs of Aubervilliers/Pantin and Bobigny. As usual with tapes found in these areas, much of it is music of Arabic/Moroccan origin. #90 also contains three finds that I picked from the fence of an immigrant settlement, facing the entrance of the campus of the IUT Bobigny, on the avenue de la Convention. Here among the sounds there are french pop, classical organ music, an extremely distorted popsong and part of an interview (in french) on the difference between social life in France in- and outside of Paris.

Harold Schellinx

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