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A Tingel-Tangle Found Tapes Machine

Here is a YouTube video of the ‘Tingel-Tangle Found Tapes Machine’ in action @ Käämer 12, in the rue Crickxstraat in St. Gilles (Brussels), just across the road from Les Ateliers Claus. The clip was shot sometime in the afternoon of friday january 23rd, while Jean-Jacques Duerinckx walked around playing his sopranino saxophone. The second layer of the soundtrack was recorded during the exhibition’s opening, on the evening of monday january 19th. 

The machine was part of the “? Footage or Fetish” exhibition and installation, that I set up there from january 19th till 25th, around my ongoing web project collecting and documenting magnetic audio tape, trashed in the streets: the Found Tapes Exhibition. At the moment the exhibit contains near to 600 chronologically documented tape finds, with pictures, and sounds.

In Käämer 12 I installed several visuals, each of which echoed visuals related to the Found Tapes Exhibition that I set up at other places before. The ‘Tingel Tangle Machine’ is a variation on the hanging cassette cemetery, that, like chinese wind chimes, I put behind the entrance door to the Raum für Kunst und Musik in Cologne (Germany), early april 2007.

To compare, here is also a short clip of that thing :

In Käämer 12 I attached the broken plastic cassette containers to the spokes of a rim of a bicycle wheel, that Frans Claus hung for me from the ceiling of the (about six meters) high front room of the gallery. On a table below the wheel, I put three old (found) record players. Onto each of the turntables I glued a (found) cassette case, which then hit the hanging cassettes.

What I had not foreseen, but in hindsight seems but evident and logical, is that the result is not only a ‘tingel’ (the clink-clanking sound of the plastic), but also a ‘tangle’: the ‘hitting’ results in a tangling-up of the hanging cassettes, into groups of 4, 5, 6 or even more. Like bananas, they gather in bunches …

That was nice.

But it also meant that regularly I had to disentangle the cassettes, in order for my Tingel-Tangle to make a fresh start …

Harold Schellinx

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